Chapters in Books

  • 2007a

    Hannah Bradby and Tarani Chandola ‘Ethnicity and racism in the politics of health in Britain’ pp 76-85 in Public Health: Social Context and Action (eds.) Angela Scriven and Sebastian Garman. Maidenhead: Open University Press.
    [local copy]

  • 2007b

    Hannah Bradby and Tarani Chandola ‘Inequalities and ethnicity: evidence and intervention’ pp 95-110 in Challenging Health Inequalities (eds.) Elizabeth Dowler and Nick Spencer. Bristol: Policy Press.
    [local copy]

  • 2006

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  • 2005

    ‘Finding space in a tight-knit community — qualitative research with Glasgow Punjabis’ pp 49-51 in Reflections on Research: The Realities of Doing Research in the Social Sciences (eds.) Nina Hallowell, Julia Lawton and Susan Gregory. Maidenhead: Open University Press, McGrawhill Education.

  • 2003

    Biology, society, ethnicity and racism’ peer-reviewed entry for Encyclopedia Of The Human Genome (cd rom and book), Nature Publishing Group. Subsequently re-issued as web-based publication.

  • 2001

    ‘Communication, interpretation and translation’ pp 129-148 in Sociology, Ethnicity and Nursing (eds.) Simon Dyson and Lorraine Culley. Basingstoke: Macmillan.

  • 2000

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  • 1999

    ‘Negotiating Marriage: Young Punjabi women’s assessment of their individual and family interests’ pp 152-166 in Gender, Ethnicity and Social Change (eds.) Rohit Barot, Harriet Bradley and Steve Fenton. London: Macmillan.
    [local copy]

  • 1998

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  • 1997

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  • 1996

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  • 1995

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